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Our National Workroom is staffed with many experienced artisans.

Custom made drapes are perfect for all areas of hospitality (hotels and B & B), multi-family housing, model homes, government accommodations, or healthcare.

Drapery: Products


Copy of

Different spacing between ripples creates a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look. Combine with your choice of cornices or valances there is sure to be a combination that satisfies.

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Pinch Pleat


With a classic look and full black out option, this drapery style is timeless and functional. Add to the overall design of the room with the pleat and fabric,The possibilities are endless.

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Copy of Copy of Scenic view from a model

Give your room a modern look and let the light shine in. This style of drapery accentuates your room not only with your customized fabric choice as well as the hardware on which it hangs.

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Cubicle Curtains

White and brown curtain in room in hospi

With a variety of gorgeous fabric choices combine light with privacy, our IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) cubicle curtains.  

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